You will fall in love in this movie. If not in the movie than inin_bruges its music (I guess girls will in Colin Farrell). Two hitman Ken (played masterfully by Brendan Gleeson) and Ray (played by Colin Farrell) are sent in Bruges to cool of after some unfortunate accident. Colin is just mesmerizing in his role of fucked up, cranky hitman who hates fuckin Bruges. Lots of original humor and cute jokes, and I almost forgot, Ralph Fiennesas a bad guy. Instant classic, enjoy…

Director: Martin McDonagh

Cast: Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson, Ralph Fiennes, Zeljko Ivanek

Fun Stuff: The word ‘fuck’ and its derivatives are said 126 times in this 107-minute film, an average of 1.18 ‘fucks’ per minute.


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