Yes, this is a B movie that you could catch any given night on TV, but this is a hell of a B movie. Riding on the eighties vibe and slowly transcending into nineties, it uses the best of both decades. I also liked how they incorporated the change in sea levels, predicting the fall of man that’s surely to come. In a lead role we have Rutger Hauer, a classical tough, macho man, who does not care about rules or anything else, with an almost noir vibe in this post-apocalyptic future.  Supported by sexy Kim Cattrall, and witty Alastair Duncan movie is filled with hilarious one liners. The directing is quite clever, and I am surprised how they managed to play down the lack of budget (probably with a lot of effort and good lighting). Keep in mind that this is actually a creature flick, set in a post-apocalyptic London with tough as nails hero on a mission.

Harley Stone (is there a more macho name I ask you? maybe if his last name was Balls…) is a detective in a post-apocalyptic London. The sea levels have risen and almost every city is under water, and in this chaotic environment he tries to enforce law.  His last partner died (was eaten?) by something, something that did not look human. After a new string of murders, he’s partnered up with an educated rookie Dick Durkin, and this dynamic duo must find out who or what is behind almost ritualistic and gruesome murders. Lots of action, decent nudity and big, big guns guarantee a lot of fun… Enjoy.

Director: Tony Maylam

Cast: Rutger Hauer, Kim Cattrall, Alastair Duncan, Pete Postlethwaite, Michael J. Pollard, Alun Armstrong

Fun Facts: Kim Cattrall still has her hairdo (shaved off sideburns) from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. This indicates, that the shooting of “Split Second” happened shortly after the completion of ST VI.


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