You know that awesome mix of black humor (it’s not what you think, and there is no Madea here:) and drama with great acting and directing, well this movie is that mix. Comprised of five stories, five very weird, but true stories, it deals with many issues in modern society, exploring different subjects like jealousy, phobias, paranoias and other fun mental conditions. But most of all, this is an exploration of different characters with a funny twist. Also, this is not some new age, indie crap about love, loneliness and other “feelings” but an honest and brutal movie that is so fun to watch. After the first story you just can’t wait to see what’s going to be the next one and what weird shit and taboo will be broken. The trouble with this type of storytelling is that we expect that the stories get weirder and wilder as the movie progresses and at the same time we pick our favourite and least favourite story, making the movie a bit torn and inconsistent, but this is just a minor flaw.

As we said earlier there are five stories, and now I will go over them briefly not to spoil your fun too much:

  1. In the first story we find a couple Dedra and Dennis enjoying their relationship, until Dennis’s daughter from his previous marriage appears, and Dedra starts to get paranoid about the two of them…
  2. Are big breasts really that important, and what to do if you don’t have them? Find answers in the second segment of Burning Palms (in my opinion the best story)
  3. Lets say you buy a product, and you find it unsatisfactory, but you cannot return it. Tom and Geri are a gay couple looking to adopt….
  4. Fucking annoying, spoiled brats on the loose…
  5. Revenge is the dish best served bloody…

Director: Christopher Landon

Cast: Jamie Chung, Rosamund Pike, Zoe Saldana, Nick Stahl, Dylan McDermott, Shannen Doherty

Fun Facts: Directorial debut of screenwriter Christopher B. Landon.


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