Clerks II 2006 Movie Scene Jason Mewes as Jay nude under the trenchcoat he's spreading with Kevin Smith as Silent Bob smoking in the background and Brian O'Halloran as Dante with Jennifer Schwalbach Smith as Emma

Clerks II [2006]

Usually, sequels just don’t work, especially when we are talking about comedies. This sequel, however, was phenomenal. The boys are back and they are older, but not wiser. Shot 12 years after the first Clerks, the second part continues with the same setup: our protagonists are working dead-end jobs, this time in a little bigger, McDonald’s type restaurant. After the Jersey Girl fiasco, Kevin Smith was back with a bang. And this time he had money, so instead of $27 000, Clerks II features a hefty $5 million budget. 

In case you are wondering if should you see the first part before checking out this one, it is not necessary because the story is relatively simplistic. The main thing here is, as it was in the original, that motherfucking script. Again we are treated to some heated discussions over sexual preferences, popular movies, rude customers, and other interesting topics. Brian O’Halloran and Jeff Anderson gave excellent performances feeding off each other and generating a lot of chemistry. Plus, we’ve also got Rosario Dawson and Jason Lee to spice things up even more.

We pick up the story eleven years after that faithful day in the Quick Stop convenience store. Randal forgot to turn off the stove and both Quick Stop, where Dante works, and RST video store where Randal works, were burned. Now unemployed, they get a job at Mooby’s, a fast food restaurant where they will realize that some things never change. This time they even have a manager and it is going to be very interesting how our dynamic duo will face this new environment.

If you thought that the first part went too far with some of the jokes, you ain’t seen anything yet. Clerks II is an intelligently edgy and genuinely funny movie. Most of the comedy comes from diverse and honest characters which makes it even funnier. And helps you to bond with them. You can clearly see why Kevin Smith is such a good stand-up comic. So, if you’re looking for more of that same brand of humor, do check out his specials.

You can also say that Clerks II is a character study as twelve years have passed and we get the chance to see where are our heroes now. This brings us to the almost nihilistic realism of the movie. Things turned out exactly how you thought they would turn out. Of course, since Clerks II is this breezy comedy, you need not think about this stuff. You can just relax and gleefully surf on the surface, never delving into the deeper issues. With the short running time and excellent pacing, this is a movie that’s going to put you in a good mood.

Director: Kevin Smith

Writer: Kevin Smith

Cast: Brian O’Halloran, Jeff Anderson, Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith, Rosario Dawson

Fun Stuff: The term ass to mouth appears sixteen times in the script.


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