Very strange and surreal flick, Interstate 60 somehow stayed under the radar all these years. It is funny, insightful and above all entertaining and enlightening and that should come as no surprise since it was written by Bob Gale, the guy who wrote Back to the Future. It’s primarily a road movie and this means it’s relatively fast paced. Posing questions that pierce the reality and pushing the metaphysical aspect of reality, it will both entertain and make you think. Perfect for stoners 🙂 Following the classical and almost mythological journey that everyone of us undertakes with more or less success, it’s reexamining the supporting structures of our society and our interactions with them. Perfectly balanced, it never feels preachy or pushy, it just states certain things.

Very confused young man tries to oppose his father wishes that he goes to Oxford University. An accidental run in with a strange man called O.W.Grant (Oldman) that will grant him one wish takes him on a journey that he will not forget. He takes the nonexistent Interstate 60 in search for answers. Basically it’s a road movie, much like the Road Trip but without the goofy part. Although Interstate 60 did not have a big budget it still looks awesome and everything is done professionally from camera-work to sets that look really cool. This is one of those movies that you will have to see several times to get all of its parts and messages. It also stars an ensemble of phenomenal actors like Oldman, J. Fox, Lloyd and even Kurt Russell made an appearance.

Director: Bob Gale

Cast: Gary Oldman, Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Matthew Edison, James Marsden

Fun Stuff: Throughout the opening sequence there are references to X-men and Marvel comics. The lead male is also Cyclops in the new X-Men movies.


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