Coming to us from the guy who wrote The Hitcher and Near Dark, 100 Feet is a movie with a slightly misleading title. I expected (as you can notice I expect a lot in my reviews, and almost always I’m wrong) everything else, from a serial killer who chops off his victim’s feet to foot fetish guy, but a restraining order never crossed my mind. Now that we have resolved that we can get back to the movie, first of all I think that Famke Janssen is incredibly hot, as soon as I saw her in James Bond flick I knew that she is going to make it, so watching her in her house for 90 minutes was not too difficult. The script is good; they did not go with the usual ghost/haunting story but they tried to incorporate some elements of the realism to make it all more plausible. The rest of the elements are pretty much average, making this movie watchable but not great, so if you have nothing else to watch and you like good ghosts stories and Famke you might wanna check out this one.

After she killed her husband in self-defense, Marnie Watson is imprisoned in her own house to serve the remainder of her sentence. She is limited to a 100 feet radius and if she tries to break out an alarm is set off and the cops are alarmed. Left with unpleasant memories of the incident in her apartment, and now stuck in it, she is in a quite a pickle. Years of her husbands abuse have taken their toll, but no one thinks that he deserved to die, especially his partner who decides to keep a close eye on Marnie and her apartment. This will come in handy when she starts seeing and hearing strange things in the house, and without the option of running she will have to face this mystery all by herself.

Director: Eric Red

Cast: Famke Janssen, Bobby Cannavale,Ed Westwick, Michael Paré, Patricia Charbonneau

Fun Facts: Budget was $10,000,000


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  1. Floris

    I think this movie is again one of those cliché haunted house movies. Stopped watching them a long time ago cause you always get the same ingrediënts. I always get the feeling that these movies are meant to fill the pockets of a producer, so he can make a movie that is more risky (more unique and thus better, but a less big public). As a Dutchman i’m proud of Famke, but I think she can do better. I think she could pull off for example the role of Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side. Would be an ok role for her and give her a little more depth.


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