Altitude [2010] Movie Review Recommendation

Altitude [2010]

It’s really hard to define this movie, it uses typical ingredients for a teenage horror movie, but still, it’s much more than just that mixing mystery, science fiction and even time travel. All this lumped-in together produced a decent flick that’s not some masterpiece but something that’s worth watching. Granted, I think that without the classical college boy/girl actors this movie would have much more space to work on the characters and maybe introduce that element to the story, but at least we can look at some pretty girls this way. The thing with this college setup is that it takes so much from the reality of the movie, especially when it comes to dialogue that it’s almost a crime. Directing was okay, and excellent towards the end of the movie, and considering that this is a first feature film of this director I think that we can expect more good movies from him.

So, a group of college friends (well, some are not so friendly) decide to fly small plane, with their friend Sara as a pilot (which is always a good idea). Of course they are all diverse characters, we have jock, comic nerd, hottie and such and such. Soon the airplane will start to malfunction, and Sara and her friends will find themselves in a real pickle. And that is not the end of their troubles, as some mysterious thing will start to appear behind them. Is this real or a dream, is there a monster behind the plane (gremlins?) and could time be changed? If you check out this movie this will be a bit clearer (although not a lot, but still it will be clear enough).

Director: Kaare Andrews

Cast: Jessica Lowndes, Julianna Guill, Ryan Donowho, Landon Liboiron, Jake WearyMike Dopud

Fun Facts: C-MYZX is a Piper Chieftan.


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