When you’re talking about cult movies, Larry Clark’s Kids is one of the most notable examples. Shot in 1995, it’s an uncensored story about a group of teenagers and their daily activities. Those activities include sex, doing drugs, stealing and many more controversial stuff. Harmony Korine wrote the movie in 1993 at the age of 18. The reason why this was so sensational at the time was the fact that the puritan cinema goers considered movies as part of the official system of values, basically something that could be used for education. This required that the movie does not talk about taboo issues like teenage sex or teenage drug use, although those things were happening. They thought if they close their eyes, everything will be fine. Kids shows us the secret world that these kids are living. If you remember your childhood, you will notice similarities, where you don’t consider grown-ups as persons but as robots, programmed to act and talk a certain way. More importantly not driven by urges and these kids are all about urges.

Kids [1995] Movie Review Recommendation PosterMeet Telly, a young teenager living in New York with only one goal on his mind: to have sex with virgins. After he just had sex with a twelve-year-old girl, he walks away with his best friend Casper looking for alcohol. Soon, the gang is joined by many other kids, all looking for good time.

Same as in Ken Park, the public is saying the following: if you’re going to talk about teen sex or teen drug use, you must provide us with a way to solve that problem. This movie just displays the problem and leaves the viewer to determine what’s his attitude towards this and since most people don’t want to think about these things, they immediately hate the movie and never want to talk about it. Disregarding the fact that everything you have seen and sometimes much, much worse stuff is happening right now. Again, we are talking more about the impact of the movie than the movie itself. It’s got this thick atmosphere, like you’re watching this car crash in real time, but you’re able to zoom and focus certain parts of the accident. Because of the relaxed style of shooting, many of the shots feel so realistic that they immediately pull you into this young, hedonistic vibe. The camera is floating in the air filled with marijuana smoke and hormones, basically hidden in plain sight. This enables us, the viewers to get a good look of our youth…

Director: Larry Clark

Cast: Leo Fitzpatrick, Justin Pierce, Billy Waldeman, Chloë Sevigny, Rosario Dawson

Fun Facts: Oliver Stone, after reading the script for Kids, actually tried to court Harmony Korine into writing him a similar screenplay.


IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0113540/

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