In 3 Tagen bist du tot AKA Dead in 3 Days [2006] Movie Review Recommendation

In 3 Tagen bist du tot AKA Dead in 3 Days [2006]

Using the classical plot from American slasher teen movies, this flick still managed to be interesting. I recommend that you see it in native German language and not the English sync, as always. d0gbivqlqdnl595cnbbIn 3 Tagen bist du tot is an Austrian movie, just to be clear. So a group of high school friends are being stalked and killed by a mysterious assassin. They all got the message on their cell phone that they are going to die in three days, hence the title of the movie. Although the movie is not really scary it still delivers enough action and gore to be worth watching.

Acting is good, camera work is awesome and directing okay too, if you combine this with good production values you get a decent horror flick. Speaking of camera work, it was complimented by the beautiful city of Ebensee located within the Salzkammergut Mountains. After seeing The Hills Run Red and this movie I’m wondering are there any fresh ideas out there. It’s always the same thing with these type of movies, some of them make it, some of them get so tangled up in clichés and plot holes that thy are not watchable. Released in 2002, The Ring was also a strong influence, showcased by the poster with a creepy Samara lookalike in the background, next victim on the floor and finally mobile phone echoing the seven-day curse. So, if you are feeling up to it, check out this Austrian version of I know What You Did Last Summer, enjoy. As a final note, I have to mention the German and Austrian need to redub or remake movies for their market. Like what’s up with that?

Director: Andreas Prochaska

Cast: Sabrina Reiter, Julia Rosa Stöckl, Michael Steinocher, Laurence Rupp, Nadja Vogel

Fun Facts: The film takes place in 1996, 1998 and 2005.


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