Angel 1984 Movie Scene Donna Wilkes as Molly Angel Stewart wearing a mini skirt and leaning into a car to talk to potential customer

Angel [1984]

Angel is a raw and engaging movie following people living on the margins of society hunted by a serial killer and exploring powerful motives.
Fear City 1984 movie Tom Berenger with his hands up

Fear City [1984]

Entertaining and sleazy, Fear City combines nudity, violence, and neon-lit streets of New York in the eighties into a flawed movie still worth watching.
The Little Things 2021 Movie Rami Malek talking on the phone scene

The Little Things [2021]

Powered by strong performances from Denzel and Leto, The Little Things is a flawed slow-burning serial killer movie that should satisfy the fans of the genre.
Amsterdamned 1988 Movie Huub Stapel as Eric Visser arriving at the crime scene with police taking photos of a victim in a boat

Amsterdamned [1988]

Gritty, authentic, and very entertaining, Amsterdamned is a Dutch slasher about a hard-boiled detective and serial killer lurking in Amsterdam's canals.
Call of the Wolf Movie Review

Call of the Wolf [2017]

Indie slow-burn thriller set in the desolate cabin in the middle of a winter where a man realizes he's being hunted and must escape or fight.
Tusk [2014] Movie Review Recommendation

Tusk [2014]

Authentic and thought-provoking, Tusk is a strange horror movie that doesn't take itself seriously featuring creative dialogue and graphic and gory scenes.
The Frozen Ground [2013] Movie Nicolas Cage as Jack Halcombe sitting and thinking in his office scene

The Frozen Ground [2013]

An intense thriller based on a real-life Alaskan serial killer Robert Hansen with a great script and disturbing atmosphere without much gore.
The Collection [2012] Movie Review Recommendation

The Collection [2012]

I actually started writing the review for the first movie in the trilogy The Collector , but I just couldn't do that to you... Let me explain myself:...
The Raven [2012] Movie Review Recommendation

The Raven [2012]

I was looking forward to this movie. Edgar Allan Poe, Gothic atmosphere, murders, mysteries and relatively good cast, what could go wrong? Luckily...
Gone [2012] Movie Review Recommendation

Gone [2012]

Here we go again with another mainstream thriller, but it seems that this genre is the most prolific, so there are always some good movies to be...
Burke and Hare [2010] Movie Review Recommendation

Burke and Hare [2010]

After I Sell The Dead here comes another movie that deals with the same subject of grave robbing, and in the similar black humor fashion. I like to...
Faces in the Crowd [2011] Movie Review Recommendation

Faces in the Crowd [2011]

Coming to us from a celebrated writer of Bloody Mallory, Julien Magnat, Faces in the Crowd (also known as Feces in the Crowd, a much more amusing...
Scream 4 [2010] Movie Review Recommendation

Scream 4 [2010]

After the first three Screams here comes the fourth installment in the franchise. The previous sentence sounded like something you would read in some...