After the mysterious deaths and disappearances in a small town of Snowfield, a group of people, led by a sheriff Bryce Hammond, will have to find their way out phantomsthe madness that is about to happen. The mysterious forces that are at work here are somewhat clarified when they stumble upon a historian who will shed some light on these events.

Do not expect something new and never seen before from this movie, but it has a very interesting concept. Much like in SlitherGrowth or The Blob, we are treated to a monster that’s quite different from the usual creatures used in horror and science fiction movies. The atmosphere is dark and threatening, with danger lurking from every corner. Phantoms is a jumpy horror with a lot of intense moments and I have to say that the special effects are done really well. Apart from the usual action and suspense, they’ve delved deeper than the usual, run-of-the-mill horror movies, aspiring towards greatness. They may have not achieved it, but it’s the effort that counts ultimately. Acting is decent, I never liked Ben Affleck but Peter O’Toole is there to save the day along with Rose and Liev. Finally, I have to mention the pacing. Right from the start, Phantoms grab your attention and this lasts for quite some time, but after a while the momentum slowly, starts to disappear and we are left with a wobbly finale.

Director: Joe Chappelle

Cast: Ben Affleck, Peter O’Toole, Rose McGowan, Liev Schreiber, Valerie Chow, Joanna Going

Fun Stuff: The “flatworm theory” used in the movie (that flatworms can eat the remains of their own kind and absorb their knowledge) is based on actual tests given to flatworms which involved seeing how quickly they would make the “correct” turn at a Y-intersection after eating the previous experimenters. The results were more inconclusive than the film says.


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