This is the most outrageous and over-the-top karate and gore movie of all times! It is so ridiculously violent and bloody that you just have to see it, after this movie you will laugh at Martyrs or Man Behind the Sun. Meet Ricky, (in this Japanese movie the main character is called Ricky) he’s a martial arts expert that has special powers. He can withstand any pain or injury, and quickly heal himself by tying his veins together. The man revolutionized medicine in this movie. It would seem that the characters and the story of this movie were actually just a nuisance between those juicy and violent scenes. They most likely had a rough draft, wrote all those hilarious and gory scenes and then wrote the story that’s supposed to support it.

After being shipped to prison he will be forced to fight for his life and take out for leaders of four prison wings and eventually fight the evil warden. I just love how even in prison there’s a clear structure of authority and a path that man must take if he wants to be free is clear from the get go. If you liked Bad Taste and similar movies you will enjoy in this one too. I will not reveal the methods that Ricky is going to use to kill his opponents, they are so funny that you will have to see them for yourself. This is already a cult movie, and I am sure that this status is going to last a long time.  Enjoy…

Director: Ngai Kai Lam

Cast: Siu-Wong Fan, Mei Sheng Fan, Ka-Kui Ho, Yukari Ôshima, Frankie Chin

Fun Fact: This was the first Hong Kong movie ever to receive a “Category III” rating for violence rather than sex.

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