The Night Comes For Us [2018]

Blood will be squirting, bones will be breaking and bullets will be flying in The Night Comes For Us, a gory martial arts action movie in the vein of The Raid.
Mortal Kombat 2021 Movie Lewis Tan as Cole Young in his suit holding blades as Sisi Stringer as Mileena teleports behind him

Mortal Kombat [2021]

Allow me to present to you the new turbocharged, gory, visceral, and visually stunning Mortal Kombat 2021 deluxe edition. It's a must-see!
Yip Man 2008 Movie Donnie Yen as IP Man working in a factory but getting ready for a fight with Japanese occupying forces scene

Yip Man [2008]

Based on a life of IP Man, Bruce Lee's teacher, this movie is not just a phenomenally choreographed fight extravaganza but also a period movie about China.
The Raid: Redemption [2011] Movie Review Recommendation

The Raid: Redemption [2011]

I fucking love Indonesian movies! Fuck the rating, fuck the children and teenagers, lets make a true bloody mess for real men and women. The Raid:...
Ninja Assassin [2009] Movie Review Recommendation

Ninja Assassin [2009]

I was afraid that this would be another Disney blunder, with some peaceful Ninja warriors that are supposed to teach kids about honor and doing your...