Bruce Willis doing what he does best is the most accurate description of this movie. Based on a novel by Robert Crais, it begins with a noir intro that slowly introduces the unique style of directing. As the movie progresses we can witness one hell of a thrill ride. Incorporating elements of thriller and action flicks, Hostage slowly builds up the suspense and them explodes towards the end. Again Ben Foster is the weird kid that is totally unpredictable, but I guess he just has that face. As for the rest of the actors, the kid really surprised me with great acting skills and Jonathan Tucker was good too. Two main things about this movie are the script and Bruce, and what more do you need? With all these lame and boring movies that are now popular Hostage is always a good choice.

Jeff Talley, a former LAPD hostage negotiator, after a failed negotiation decides to settle down to a much more boring town than Los Angeles. He moves to a small town with his wife and daughter (where are my wife and daughter?! bow chicka wow wow), hoping to escape trouble but trouble finds him easily enough when three local losers decide to rob a wealthy family. Of course this will turn into a hostage situation that is spiraling out of control and Sheriff Talley will have to act on it. But as the rest of the police forces arrive with the negotiation team, his troubles seem to be gone. Then, out of nowhere, he will be forced to work this hostage situation, as it seems that this wealthy family was involved with something much larger…

Director: Florent Emilio Siri

Cast: Bruce Willis, Kevin Pollak, Jimmy Bennett, Michelle Horn, Ben Foster, Jonathan Tucker, Rumer Willis

Fun Facts: Bruce Willis’s daughter in the movie, Amanda, was played by his daughter Rumer Willis. Rumer wanted the part, but Willis made her audition like everyone else and she got the part.


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