Stockholm 2018 Movie Ethan Hawke as Lars Nystrom holding a gun and wearing a cowboy hat

Stockholm [2018]

If you want to know how the term Stockholm syndrome came to be, check out this easygoing heist movie based on incredible true events.
Call of the Wolf Movie Review

Call of the Wolf [2017]

Indie slow-burn thriller set in the desolate cabin in the middle of a winter where a man realizes he's being hunted and must escape or fight.
Non-Stop [2014] Movie Review Recommendation

Non-Stop [2014]

An action movie with an intense atmosphere, flashy visual style and Liam Neeson. Air marshal must figure out who's the threat on a flight of his life.
Thursday [1998] Movie Thursday 1998 Movie Aaron Eckhart as Nick and Thomas Jane as Casey

Thursday [1998]

Authentic and gritty look at the world of crime that you will rarely find. Driven by psychopatic and always scheming characters, this is a must-see.
The Ref [1994] Movie Kevin Spacey and Judy Davis looking at the intruder for the first time

The Ref [1994]

Christmas-themed black comedy with great actors and phenomenal dialogue. It also discusses a lot of interesting issues like marriage, love, and crime.
Pain & Gain [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

Pain & Gain [2013]

Although the genre that I selected for this movie is comedy, there are a lot of things in Pain & Gain that are not funny, not funny at all (but...
The Purge [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

The Purge [2013]

I know I've been saying this a lot lately, but what a great movie! It would seem that more and more people with great scripts and ideas have been...
Celda 211 [2009] Movie Review Recommendation

Celda 211 [2009]

We are continuing with rare and overlooked movies, and after Retroactive it's time for Celda 211, one of the most intense movies that I have seen in...
Olympus Has Fallen [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

Olympus Has Fallen [2013]

Olympus Has Fallen is in the action section and not in random mainstream crappy movie? What has happened to this site? Well, sometimes you just have...
Amatorene [2001] Movie Review Recommendation

Amatorene [2001]

In case you are in a mood for that special blend of black humor, realistic characters and fucked up situations that actually happen in real life,...
Pawn [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

Pawn [2013]

Pawn. Pawn is the reason why I watch too many boring or just plain bad movies. Out of every 20 bad movies there is one, just one, as awesome as this one.
Compliance 2012 Movie Scene Ann Dowd as Sandra on the phone with a man who says he's a police officer

Compliance [2012]

Based on a bizarre true story, Compliance is a gripping tale of power, human nature, and our society unfolding in real-time.
Red State 2011 Movie Scene Nicholas Braun as Billy-Ray in the basement of the church full of automatic weapons

Red State [2011]

Disturbing, realistic, and thought-provoking, Red State blends action and horror into a powerful movie about religion, government, and us.
Hostage 2005 Movie Scene Bruce Willis as Jeff Talley holding a gun and leaning on a wall

Hostage [2005]

A bit darker and character-driven, Hostage, starring Bruce Willis is exactly the entertaining and suspenseful thriller you think it is.