This is a remake of the original Danish thriller Nattevagten, and it’s not too shabby. The cast is pretty good, especially Nick Nolte and Ewan McGregor, but you can also see young Josh Brolin showing off his talent. Using a couple of gimmicks pretty effectively, Bornedal creates a movie with a distinct European vibe that’s actually happening in the USA. The chase between the serial killer and detective, the setting and a couple of subplots generated a lot of potential and sure, some of it was used cleverly, but there’s a substantial amount that just vanished. On a personal note, if you have ever worked as a night watchman (about nine months of that experience) you know that feeling when your senses are unable to process the full extent of the reality. Then, everything might happen, but usually nothing happens. Also, just watching people with that occupation is strangely satisfying, there’s a reduction of normal life processes and factors that frees the mind to roam wherever it pleases. 

A young law student takes up a night watchman job in order to get more money (fucking students). The only thing is that the job is in a medical examiner’s office. But soon he will discover that maybe he does not need the money that bad. A serial killer that kills prostitutes is on the loose and the police is having trouble connecting the dots. Who is the killer and who will survive is up to you to find out. There are a lot of creepy scenes although the director didn’t not use too much such a weird and frightening environment. Also the mystery enveloping the quest for the identity of the killer is very intriguing, so you will suspect everyone. Enjoy.

Director: Ole Bornedal

Cast: Ewan McGregor, Patricia Arquette, Josh Brolin, Lauren Graham, Nick Nolte, Brad Dourif

Fun Stuff: The black and white picture of the guy on death row in the cabin is the same one used in the original version of this movie (Nattevagten (1994)).


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