No Rest for the Wicked AKA No habrá paz para los malvados 2011 Movie Jose Coronado as Santos Trinidad holding a gun in a nightclub

No Rest for the Wicked AKA No Habra Paz Para Los Malvados [2011]

I was just partially prepared for No Rest for the Wicked, a gritty thriller that simply blew me away. So, I’m warning you in time to get ready for it, to maximize your enjoyment. This is another gut-buster coming to us from sunny Spain. In case you missed it, the first one is Mientras Duermes. The brooding, alcohol-drenched atmosphere brought forth a new hero, Santos Trinidad, masterfully played by José Coronado. While the American take on your average corrupt and dangerous detective set the standards, Jose took it to another level. His believable acting, the right appearance, and that crazy look in his eyes completed this larger-than-life persona. These are the guys that you don’t wanna see or have anything to do in real life. However, you secretly fantasize about being them or hanging out with them.

The director did not hold back, and we can enjoy this glass of whiskey that’s not watered down with ice. The taste that this movie leaves is that one of the bitterness of life, wrong choices, and those moments of perfect clarity where you can actually feel alive and meaningful. Just beautiful…. And gripping, from the beginning to the end. No Habrá Paz Para Los Malvados will hold your attention and let it go just for brief moments. They’re to be used to light up another cigar or pour another shot. Upon viewing this movie Sylvester Stallone immediately bought the rights for the movie. Moreover, he expressed the desire to make an American version. With him in the lead role, no doubt. There’s only one other movie that left me in such noir awe and that’s The Nile Hilton Incident.

Santos Trinidad is a bad man, a police detective who likes to drink, gamble and misuse his authority. He does all the fun things that we would like to do, if, of course, life was a video game. He comes alive at night and as an alcoholic vampire prowls the streets and strip clubs looking for trouble, life, and death. One of those visits will prove to be a very important one as he accidentally stumbles on something. Something much, much bigger than the usual sleaze that you would expect to find in a nightclub.

Loosely based on real events, No Rest for the Wicked further develops this story, from the eyes of one Santos Trinidad. I will leave the link after the review but I urge you to check it out only after you’ve seen the movie. Those looking for constant action will be disappointed with slower, deliberate pacing. This is, after all, an atmospheric slow-burner meant to pull you into this crime-ridden world. To take you from wherever you are and whatever you’re doing and place you in the eyes of one man. Suspenseful, engaging, and above all, unforgettable, it’s one of the best neo-noir movies I’ve seen recently. This being a Spanish movie about a police detective, I have to mention Torrente, a hilarious comedy poking fun at this concept. If however, you’re craving more of the same I recommend you check out Hyena, Bad Lieutenant, Rogue City, and Rampart.

Loosely based on these events.

Director: Enrique Urbizu

Writers: Michel Gaztambide, Enrique Urbizu

Cast: José Coronado, Rodolfo Sancho, Helena Miquel, Juanjo Artero, Pedro Mari Sánchez

Fun Facts: The film won six Goya Awards, including Best Film, Best Director, Best Original Writing and Best Leading Actor.


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