Lets Be Cops 2014 Movie Scene Jake Johnson as Ryan smoking a joint dressed as a cop with Damon Wayans Jr. as Justin looking at him

Let’s Be Cops [2014]

Sometimes you just want to relax and watch something funny and easygoing. Buddy cop comedy Let's Be Cops is exactly like that.
Tango and Cash 1989 Movie Scene Sylvester Stallone as Tango and Kurt Russell as Cash in prison uniforms

Tango and Cash [1989]

Incredibly entertaining, Tango and Cash is one of the most underrated buddy cop movies from the eighties with just the perfect cast.
CHIPS 2017 Movie Scene Dax Shepard as Jon and Michael Peña as Ponch riding motorbikes down the highway during a chase

CHIPS [2017]

As a definition of brainless fun, CHIPS is a raunchy buddy-cop comedy with a predictable story, a lot of chases, and a very appealing visual style.

Triple 9 [2016]

Engaging and thrilling right from the opening scene, Triple 9 is a deliciously dark albeit flawed neo-noir thriller with juicy action and great cast.

Transpecos [2016]

Featuring gorgeous cinematography and an engaging story, Transpecos is an atmospheric and effective thriller following three Border Patrol agents during 24 hours.
Hyena 2014 Movie Peter Ferdinando as Michael and Gordon Brown as Chris holding bags of mdma and weed after raiding a club

Hyena [2014]

With an immersive atmosphere and gritty setting, Hyena is a British crime movie about a corrupt cop addicted to cocaine trying to get rich and out of jail.
Shorta AKA Enforcement 2020 Movie Jacob Lohmann with a face covered in blood wearing a bulletproof west and a hoodie

Shorta AKA Enforcement [2020]

Dealing with race issues and police brutality Shorta is a Danish thriller following two cops who find themselves in the wrong neighborhood at the wrong time.
Rogue City 2020 Movie Lannick Gautry as Richard Vronski

Bronx AKA Rogue City [2020]

If you haven't seen any of the gritty French police thrillers, Bronx AKA Rogue City can be a great start with its stylish visuals, macho characters, and foreboding atmosphere.

21 Bridges [2019]

Suspenseful, entertaining, and visually appealing, 21 Bridges is an old-school police thriller unfolding throughout one crazy night in Manhattan.
L627 1992 Movie Didier Bezace as Lulu holding a bag of powdery substance, most likely heroin, in front of a naked suspect

L.627 [1992]

L.627 is an authentic and gritty French police thriller following detective Lulu and his hardened anti-drug squad working in the worst Parisian ghettos.
Internal Affairs [1990] Movie Review Recommendation

Internal Affairs [1990]

A slow-burner about police corruption with phenomenal character development, strong performances, and a distinct nineties vibe.
S.W.A.T. [2003] Movie Review Recommendation

S.W.A.T. [2003]

I guess that now, after ten years, I can say what a blast from a past! Shot at the pinnacle of the second coming of police dramas and best of the...