Rogue City 2020 Movie Lannick Gautry as Richard Vronski

Bronx AKA Rogue City [2020]

If you haven't seen any of the gritty French police thrillers, Bronx AKA Rogue City can be a great start with its stylish visuals, macho characters, and foreboding atmosphere.

21 Bridges [2019]

Suspenseful, entertaining, and visually appealing, 21 Bridges is an old-school police thriller unfolding throughout one crazy night in Manhattan.
L627 1992 Movie Didier Bezace as Lulu holding a bag of powdery substance, most likely heroin, in front of a naked suspect

L.627 [1992]

L.627 is an authentic and gritty French police thriller following detective Lulu and his hardened anti-drug squad working in the worst Parisian ghettos.
Internal Affairs [1990] Movie Review Recommendation

Internal Affairs [1990]

A slow-burner about police corruption with phenomenal character development, strong performances, and a distinct nineties vibe.
S.W.A.T. [2003] Movie Review Recommendation

S.W.A.T. [2003]

I guess that now, after ten years, I can say what a blast from a past! Shot at the pinnacle of the second coming of police dramas and best of the...
Gangster Squad [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

Gangster Squad [2013]

Style is everything, and Gangster Squad has everything. Rarely do you see post-processing effects make such a huge difference, mostly because all of...
End of Watch [2012] Movie Review Recommendation

End of Watch [2012]

There a couple of movies that managed to capture that smell of the asphalt and the gang war in L.A. and End of Watch is another addition to that...
We Own the Night [2007] Movie Review Recommendation

We Own the Night [2007]

Although this movie may seem to be something that is going to be remembered, I don't think it will happen. Sure, some 20-30 years from now, you will...
Cop Land [1997] Movie Review Recommendation

Cop Land [1997]

If you like police movies this movie is for you (the title says is it all). Directed by James Mangold (if you had any doubt that that's his real...
Deep Cover [1992] Movie Review Recommendation

Deep Cover [1992]

-I think you Five-O! -Five-O, man I ain't no motherfucking cop! -Then hit this motherfucker then! -I can feel it... With a soundtrack like this, Deep...