Into The Storm 2014 Movie Richard Armitage as Gary trying to save Sarah Wayne Callies as Allison as she's barely hanging on to a door of a tornado vehicle while being pulled towards tornado

Into the Storm [2014]

This budget version of The Twister with a strange cast looks pretty sleek for a tv movie. If you're a tornado or disaster movie fan, it's pretty watchable.
Dante's Peak [1997] Movie Review Recommendation

Dante’s Peak [1997]

And at number one (nineties disaster movies list) we have another volcano flick, although it was a close call, since Twister was really ok too....
Twister [1996] Movie Red truck towing a tornado monitoring device in front of a huge twister scene

Twister [1996]

Ahhh, the nineties. Although I say the same thing about the eighties, there's something about these blockbusters from the nineties. They are so...