I guess you figured out by now that there is an ongoing zombie movie infestation (and with The Walking Dead series their trying to branch out), and one of the most popular zombie books is about to be turned into a movie. Max Brooks, not to be mistaken with Mel Brooks :D, is a writer who took zombies really seriously and he went from there writing books with tips how to survive a zombie invasion. The books (The Zombie Survival Guide, World War Z) were at first relatively unsuccessful, but they picked up after a while and after that became bestsellers.

Back to the movie, it is going to be directed by Marc Forster (Monster’s Ball, Finding Neverland, Quantum of Solace) and you can expect it to be a mix between these movies, but what is certain is that Marc is going to give his best shot (he declined a $500,000 offer to direct a film despite having no income at the time and living from money he borrowed from friends. He didn’t believe the script was good and was afraid his reputation as a director would suffer). He mentioned two movies that are relatively close to what WWZ is going to feel like: All the President’s Men and The Bourne Identity(the second one is a suggestion from the script writer).In a lead role we have Brad Pitt, whose production company snatched the movie before Leonardo DiCaprio’s company, and I think that Leonardo missed a great opportunity here. Since the story is set around a UN worker telling stories about people around the world and their experiences with zombie invasion, there is a certain intellect element present, and I am not sure that Brad can pull it off. Still, lets not be hasty and see how things develop…

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