When you see this poster with that classic JB pose and you read that this movie is a comedy, you will think: hey another JB comedy, I should check it out or hey another JB comedy, I should avoid it, but the truth is much different… For me, ever since Pick Of Destiny, Jack Blacks career has been steadily declining with that awful, awful crowning achievement called Gulliver’s Travels. Granted there has been a couple of movies where he was decent, but not in a lead role. Well, after seeing Bernie, one thing is for sure, JB is back! He finally came to terms with his acting and the type of roles that he plays, using it his advantage, without that forced Bernie Postergoofing around that I really didn’t like.

Based on a true story, later published in a local newspaper, this is a movie about one of those little man, just like you and me, but whose life took a turn and they, well, you’ll see . Bernie is just one of those guys that everybody likes, with his unconditional love, calm demeanor and desire to help everyone. He moves in a small town in Texas called Carthage, where he gets a job at a local mortuary. He excels at it, making an art out of putting make up on dead people for their funerals. He lives his days practicing singing and hanging out with old ladies that no one cares about, bringing happiness to everyone. Without a wife or a girlfriend he is a well sought merchandise in this small town, but one faithful day he meets Marjorie Nugent, an extremely wealthy widow and two of them don’t hit it off. Marjorie is a real old, nagging bitch in a true sense of that word, who almost everyone hates and Bernie decides that she is the person that needs his kindness, time and effort. What happens after his decision is up to you to find out, especially did he wanted to make Marjorie happy or did he was just looking out for himself…

Shirley MacLaine, an extraordinary actress with her phenomenal performance as Marjorie created that link with Jack Black that made this movie so good, not to mention other actors, of which some are actual residents of Carthage, who actually knew the real Marjorie and Bernie. Very thought provoking movie, Bernie makes us question our own lives and it shows us how can a whirlwind of events lead one person to end up in a place that it doesn’t deserve, or maybe it does?

Director: Richard Linklater

Cast: Jack Black, Shirley MacLaine, Matthew McConaughey, Brady Coleman, Richard Robichaux

Fun Facts: Jack Black met with the real Bernie Tiede in Telford Unit State Prison. Shirley MacLaine also spoke with Tiede over the phone.


IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1704573

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