Plots with a View AKA Undertaking Betty [2002] Movie Review Recommendation

Plots with a View AKA Undertaking Betty [2002]

What wonderful comedy with distinct British dark humor, now that’s what I’m looking for. In a line of Death At The Funeral, this flick is really funny, well-paced and everything else that can be good. It is a light dark comedy about love, death and all the other fun stuff. Very easygoing, Undertaking Betty will steal your heart, especially because of phenomenal chemistry between Alfred Molina and Brenda Blethyn. This is basically a love story with a very vibrant setting. Not only are we talking about undertakers but also about competition, small town mentalities and life itself. Finally, what is so fascinating about this movie is that it transcends the age difference, meaning it feels like something that older people would enjoy, but it really doesn’t matter how old are you. Well, if you have been to a funeral, that’s old enough.

Betty and Boris love each other, the only problem is that they never told that to anyone, even themselves. Years past by and Betty is married to mayor of their little town. Boris is still single, working in his funeral home. They will decide to do whatever it takes to be together, and as you can imagine this will lead to some outrageous complications. To make things worse a new player in burial business arrives. Eccentric American (Christopher Walken) takes funerals as any other business, and he starts to think of the ways to enhance the experience (I will just say Star Wars). Awesome movie. Enjoy.

Director: Nick Hurran

Cast: Alfred Molina, Brenda Blethyn, Naomi Watts, Christopher Walken, Lee Evans, Jerry Springer

Fun Stuff: While filming scenes in Llantrisant, Wales, Lee Evans fell from a window and landed on a large nail. The sharp spike pierced his body and narrowly missed one of his kidneys.


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