Based on a book written by Alicia Erian and directed by Alan Ball, Nothing is Private is one of those provocative movies that you can play for your uptight friends in order to make them uncomfortable. I mean, the scene with Aaron Eckhart grouping the breasts of a 13-year-old girl (although she’s played by a nineteen-year-old actress) is something that sticks with you. Now all joking aside, this is a really good movie. Alan Ball, the man who wrote American Beauty and Six Feet Under television series, really knows his stuff. Considering the theme of the movie, coming of age and cumming of age of a young girl, he decided to create this off-beat and indie vibe with decent amounts of subtle humor which helped defuse those awkward scenes. I noticed that a lot of reviewers had trouble separating their own, personal values from this movie, and I have to say that this isn’t a movie that’s going to be played in schools to educate young women. This is a movie about a subject that’s incredibly important to all the women who are going through the same shit Jasira is going through. Of course, if this was a 13-year-old boy looking to get laid, well…

Nothing Is Private (Towelhead) [2007] Movie Review Recommendation PosterJasira Maroun is a thirteen-year-old girl with divorced parents and a growing and unassailable sexual appetite. Being a shy girl and living with her overprotective father doesn’t help. However, these are instincts that run much, much deeper than any of us expect and soon Jasira will start to experiment with her sexuality, pushing her boundaries, but more importantly, also pushing the boundaries of those that surround her.

The level honesty featured here is pretty great, it all feels real and authentic. Nothing is Private feels like a highly stylized documentary although I know nothing about female adolescence. However, I know a great deal about male adolescence and I can tell from personal experience that it sucks. And it especially sucks because you don’t know shit and you have no way of finding out the real truth. Of course, in today’s age of Internet, this may seem like it’s not true but if you think about it, it’s questionable at least. Alan Ball understands this and presents us with complex characters that make complex decisions. I could go on and on, analyzing this great movie, but I think I persuaded you to check it out for yourself. In the end if you’re interested in movies like this, examining the early adolescence, teenage sexuality I recommend a couple that are much more serious than this movie: Kids, Ken Park, Mysterious Skin and finally a bit more relaxed The Dreamers.


Director: Alan Ball

Cast: Summer Bishil, Peter Macdissi, Aaron Eckhart, Carrie Preston

Fun Facts: Actress Summer Bishil turned 18 before filming started, allowing her to play the 13 year old, sexually overactive Jasira without any restrictions as to what she could do or show in the movie.


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