Another horror movie that uses the premise based on a true event. This time, Borderlandthe foundation of the story is laid out properly, since the events in this movie actually happened. An American student was killed during a spring break in an occult ceremony, and later on police discovered bodies of other victims. So all the gruesome scenes and murders actually happened, but Borderland constructed a classical plot of love, friendship and difficulties in order to bring the story closer to gen pop. We have come a long way from 1989 and that gruesome incident. Now there’s a whole new religion revolving around death, drugs and religion: La Santa Muerte. Very popular in Mexico, a state where drug trafficking is a legitimate profession, this particularly morbid cult is gaining popularity fast.

Back to the movie, it’s very well produced and shot, so it looks really good, with that evil, dark vibe going on. The story is a classical Mexican downfall tale. Three friends go to Mexico to experience new stuff and there they get involved with drug smuggling occult group. Quality gore, okay acting and a bit clichéd story resembling Hostel is good enough for a recommendation. Torture porn genre has been with since the early days of the exploitation genre breakout, hidden behind low budget productions, censorship and many other things. Saw and Hostel marked the first commercially successful torture porn movies, with a strew of much better, European movies being released in the following years: Martyrs, Frontier(s), Inside, High Tension, A Serbian Film

Director: Zev Berman

Cast: Brian Presley, Rider Strong, Jake Muxworthy, Beto Cuevas, Martha Higareda, Sean Astin

Fun Facts: Loosely based in a case occurred in Mexico in 1989 of a group called “narcosatanicos” who killed at least 20 people and their bodies were used in satanic cults. They were accused of the murder of Mark Kirloy, a student who disappeared in march 1989 and killed by this group during a spring break.


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