Hello world, I write to you with a weary hand, after a 12 hour shift. That hand is about to get wearier as I proceed to consume alcoholic beverages, large amounts of nicotine and finally some THC, just to spice things up. As you might have gathered, I have been absent for the past couple of months. The reason for this is my new dream job that conveniently coincides with my final days at the university. On a good day, I’m missing a two or three hours of extra time. It would be great if we were meant to be functional longer or be able to work while sleep deprived. Or the world could just be a better place…

Not to bore you too much with excuses and my life story (I’m saving that so I can sell the rights later), the fight is on! We are continuing with reviews, but this time nothing is off limits. Series, documentaries and regular movies will be featured in the following months. Plus, I’m getting kinda low on patience, so you can expect a bit raunchier and to the point reviews.

As far as movies are concerned, due to this horrible period in Hollywood, I concentrated mostly on European productions, with great success. I can’t wait to share with you my findings and thoughts. No rest for the wicked.

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  1. 091772


    Havent checked this site in a while, I think last time was in 2013 or something. That time, I was in the military, and used to spend my few and late spare hours in my top bunk watching whatever movies you recommended. I found out pretty quickly that our tastes coincided nicely, and some of my favorite movies to date I discovered thanks to you.

    So now I’m studying in China, and I have a lot of free time on my hands. This, combined with a great university-hosted torrenting site (I know, it’s pretty fucked up), I have started watching movies again. So your site just popped back in my memory like it just woke up from a two year coma. Thankfully, the site is alive and kicking, looking better than ever!

    I have no idea how big your following is by now and how many messages you get, but I think I speak for a silent majority of people who don’t usually take the time to bother with fan-mail when I say: thanks for taking the time to keep the site up and creating nice content.


  2. Rabbit

    Hey there

    Sorry it took so long for me to reply, as always I keep procrastinating the shit out of everything, even things that I like doing. Thank you for your comment and more importantly time, the most precious resource we all have. It’s the things like this that keep me going and writing. It really means a lot to me and gives strength and motivation to keep going further.

    By the way, there are about 100 new movies already written and ready to be published, with additional 30 for which I still haven’t written reviews but are really good. I think that as of New Year I will start releasing them in much tighter intervals.

    Thanks again and peace out!


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