The Man Who Knew Too Little is a movie based on a book by Robert Farrar, and it’s one of those timeless comedies with phenomenal script and even better acting. I must say that Bill Murray was hilarious in this one, and this is one of his best comedic roles. The script is very original and unique, giving the director and actors enough material to create a comedy that has several layers and can be viewed as classical slapstick but also an intelligent comedy. Combining a serious spy plot with a hapless and accident-prone “secret agent” is something that now is quite popular, but back in 1997 this was a genre less explored. Toying with the cold war and stereotypes common for James Bond movies, Farrar creates even more comedy, and a perfect example is Boris The Butcher, played masterfully by Alfred Mollina.

Wallace Ritchie is a manager at a Blockbuster video store in America, and he has come to England to visit his businessman brother James. But this is a wrong time for a visit since James is expecting an important business partner at his house so he offers Ritchie a ticket to “Theater Of Life” a new kind of show where a viewer participates along with the actors in a show. All too happy, Ritchie accepts the offer, not knowing that soon he will be involved in a spy war of immense proportions. Thinking that this is still a show and that everything is supposed to happen like that Ritchie plays along, as he tries to save the world in his world and in real world…

Director: Jon Amiel

Cast: Bill Murray, Peter Gallagher, Joanne Whalley, Alfred Molina, Richard Wilson, Geraldine James

Fun Facts: The movie that Consuela is watching in the kitchen is Copycat, also directed by Jon Amiel.


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