Starring Luis Tosar (Celda 211, Mientras Duermes), Retribution reminded me of another movie with a similar backdrop: Locke [2013]. Just think of it as Locke on steroids. This is the first time in my life that I thought that a movie is too exciting and that it has too many twists. To quote Jimmy Valmer: “I mean really, come on”. I understand that they wanted to create a super-duper thrill ride that constantly engages viewers, but after a while, I felt a bit tired and bored. There’s an link between number of twists, reality and viewer engagement; the more twists you have, the more reality becomes warped and this results in viewers not caring about the story or the characters. The whole things starts to feel like a contest for the most engaging video (and not movie) in the world.

Retribution-posterThis was supposed to be just another day at work for Carlos. He woke up, got dressed and rushed his kids to the car so he can drive them to school. Little did he know that a criminal mastermind who has an altogether different plan for him and his kids was watching him. He rigged his car with explosives and if Carlos deviates from his instructions, he will detonate both him and his kids…

I guess you’re now, that I’ve raised your expectations, you’re anxious to check out this super twisty and engaging movie. If you liked Speed, Phonebooth and other movies with that combination of real time flow and imminent threat of explosions and other shit, you will like this one too. Written by Alberto Marini (The Machinist, Mientras Duermes, Transsiberian) Retribution is a fine thriller with a refreshing concept. It will give you a chance to see a different approach to this genre, without the usual Hollywood vibe and big names.

Director: Dani de la Torre

Writer: Alberto Marini

Cast: Luis Tosar, Javier Gutiérrez, Elvira Mínguez, Fernando Cayo, Goya Toledo, Paula del Río, Marco Sanz

Fun Facts:The kids wear the uniform of the school center Compañía de María but the school is not actually placed in the street where is suposed in the movie when the father takes them there.


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