This what an adventure movie should look like, well adventure/action movie.Hidalgo It’s reminiscent of those old adventure movies, without fancy CGI or monsters out to get our heroes. Story follows Frank Hopkins, a Pony Express courier, who travels to Arabia do enter a dangerous race with his horse Hidalgo. Although the movie is a bit longer (136 min), it is not boring for one second. Viggo Mortensen is just captivating in his performance of Frank Hopkins, and with the support of Omar Sharif, they carry the movie to the end. Recruited off the set of Lord of the Rings, he was a perfect fit for Hopkins. He even bought his horse T.J. after the shooting was over.

Very engaging and beautiful sights of desert and eastern culture were a sight for sore eyes after all those crappy adventure movies with poor cinematography and camera angles. With Hidalgo, you can feel the vastness of the land and that open road feeling, similar to movies about driving, only old school. Combined with the story of Indians this is a potent mix for the viewers. Production values are high, so do not mistake this movie for some weekend Hallmark blunder. With so many good elements it could have been only this good, and the juicy part is that it all really happened. Well, let’s say it really happened, since the real Hopkins did have tendency to make shit up. So a great weekend/Sunday movie, to relax and immerse yourself in 1890 atmosphere, where men where rough and times was hard. Enjoy.

Director: Joe Johnston

Cast: Viggo Mortensen, Zuleikha Robinson, Omar Sharif, J.K. Simmons, Victor Talmadge, Louise Lombard

Fun Facts: The final horse scene was filmed in Browning, Montana. 550 different horses were used in that scene. The horses all came from different owners, so to tell them apart, their hooves were branded.


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