Paul [2011] Movie Review Recommendation

Paul [2011]

I seem to like almost everything that is connected to Simon Pegg and when Nick Frost is also present, I just know that the movie will be truly awesome. This duet is behind some of my favourite (and I will not correct this anymore, fucking favorite, it’s favourite) movies (Hot FuzzShaun of the Dead) and Paul is the newest edition to this collection. I guess they like all the things that I like, and after action movies and zombies they decided to make a movie about aliens with a twist. In the insurgency of this subgenre Paul stands out as something original, mainly because of the dialogue and references to other movies. When they referenced Predator, I fucking got a boner! It`s the little things that make this movie so great, at least for me. Not to mention religious bashing that was so good, that I enjoyed it maybe too much.

So, these two British comic-book geeks decide to go to USA (it`s already funny), and visit all the locations that are related to aliens. Fantasizing about contact with aliens for years they were truly surprised when they actually met one. And even more surprised when they discovered that he’s just like them, drinking beer, smoking pot and doing all other fun activities. Soon, they will find out that Paul, the alien, has escaped from captivity and is racing to phone home. Ready for the quest of their lives, two of them will try to help him in his journey and keep him safe from agents that are pursuing them. On this journey they will meet a daughter of a religious nut, well not to reveal too much, the rest is up to you to find out… Enjoy in this awesome movie.

Director: Greg Mottola

Cast: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Jeremy Owen, Jeffrey Tambor, Jane Lynch, Seth Rogen, Jason Bateman

Fun Facts: At the 2010 San Diego Comic Con, Seth Rogen admitted that he had to consult help from actor Andy Serkis for inspiration in order to get the idea on how to use the motion capture suit for his CGI character Paul. Serkis had originally portrayed Gollum (through motion capture and voice) in the Lord of the Rings films.


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