It is pretty hard to transform a good book into a movie, but if it works it is usually pretty amazing. The autobiography of an infamous British drug dealer Howard Marks was a bestseller, and it is a pretty logical idea to turn it into a movie. However, although the beginning of this movie was very promising, the rest of it was disjointed and seemed rushed. You could feel that this is a movie based on a book, and that was not a good feeling, at least in this case. The trailer was suggesting that this is a high paced thriller with lot of twists and turns, but the reality was quite different. Still, excellent actors, acting and incredible life story of Mr. Nice are the things that will keep your attention, especially if you like to enjoy in some illegal substances (and don’t like reading books). Rhys Ifans not only looks like Howard Marks, but he seems like a guy crazy enough to actually do this in real life.

Howard Marks came from a small village Kenfig Hill in Wales, and he was bit of a nerd. Studying hard he even reached Oxford where he was first introduced to the wonderful world of drugs. Smoking marijuana, drinking and sex were his preoccupations during those years. A true college student, but all good things end, and after he finished school he got a job as a teacher and gave up that life. But the life did not give up on him… And one final fact before you see the movie, at the height of his career Mr. Howard Marks controlled TEN percent of the WORLD’S hashish trade (respect).

Director: Bernard Rose

Cast: Rhys Ifans, Chloë Sevigny, David Thewlis, Elsa Pataky, Crispin Glover, Andrew Tiernan

Fun Facts: Made its worldwide premiere at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Texas, United States, in March 2010


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