Here’s another movie that deals with serial killers. the-gray-man-movie-posterThis one is based on a life of one of the most perverse and sick serial killers that have ever lived. Of course, we are talking about Albert Fish. The facts that he was an elderly man, and that he committed these atrocious acts in the 1920s are something that just adds to the mystery and extent of his crimes. He was a cannibal, sadist, masochist, killer and a deeply religious man. Sounds about right, doesn’t it? By focusing on the “human” aspect of the story, without much gore and violence, The Gray Man creates this really unnerving atmosphere. The very fact that you know what he did is enough to send chills down your spine and when you see him casually interacting with people, it makes you see the world for what it really is. A mess. Vote Marty Huggins.

This movie sticks to the real story about Fish, although avoiding the shots of his killings it rather uses suspense and that eerie feeling that something bad is going to happen to get the viewer interested. Movie could not portray Fish as disturbingly as he really was, but it did a damn fine job. Acting is good and production values are pretty decent. Delightfully subversive to almost all of the ideologies, The Gray Man is a small movie about a big subject. If you are interested in Fish’s “work” check out some of the documentaries that you can find on the Youtube, and enjoy this movie. I have included Wikipedia links for Fish and another serial killer, H.H. Holmes. Holmes is another example of a serial killer that society has swept under its rug because of the sheer scale of his malevolence. It’s easy to rationalize Son of Sam or Ted Bundy, but try wrapping your head around Holmes’s Murder Castle

Director: Scott L. Flynn

Cast: Patrick Bauchau, Jack Conley, John Aylward, Silas Weir Mitchell,Vyto Ruginis

Wikipedia Page: Albert Fish

Wikipedia Page: H.H. Holmes

Fun Facts: Had significant problems with the release (both Fish and the movie)


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