The Liability 2012 Movie Jack O'Connell and Tim Roth looking at each other in the forest scene

The Liability [2012]

An aging hitman and a young, restless kid bond throughout his last job. Doubles as a road and British crime movie, acceptable for a single watching.
The Frozen Ground [2013] Movie Nicolas Cage as Jack Halcombe sitting and thinking in his office scene

The Frozen Ground [2013]

An intense thriller based on a real-life Alaskan serial killer Robert Hansen with a great script and disturbing atmosphere without much gore.
Now You See Me [2013] Movie Jesse Eisenberg holding a deck of cards scene

Now You See Me [2013]

An entertaining and visually stunning movie filled with very famous and great actors but without any lasting value. Pretty good for one viewing.
Empire State [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

Empire State [2013]

While we're in the whole heist subgenre, lets take a closer look at Empire State. Based on true events, where over 8 million dollars were stolen and almost 20 million left behind, Empire State is a rather...
Deadfall [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

Deadfall [2013]

What I thought is going to be another version of No Country for Old Man or Fargo, turned out to be a very good heist thriller, suspenseful and very engaging. With a very small number of good snow movies,...
Sneakers [1992] Movie Review Recommendation

Sneakers [1992]

Sneakers is an easygoing movie for all those nostalgic of the nineties and its technology plus it features people over sixty are hacking and pulling off heists.
Side Effects [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

Side Effects [2013]

Before playing this movie I sort of rushed through it, stumbling upon a scene where Jude Law says: "we could sue them". That was it for me, and Side Effects turned out to be a great movie, only later I read...
El Aura [2005] Movie Review Recommendation

El Aura [2005]

Right off the bat, this movie shows you it's not going to be your typical thriller movie, with prolonged scenic shots and weird music, the director Fabián Bielinsky takes its time to set the mood. I was...
Shooter [2007] Movie Review Recommendation

Shooter [2007]

I don't know why people, myself included, love movies about snipers and sniping. This isn't a thing that's exclusive to the movie world, gaming world also suffers from an incurable love for snipers. I have...
The Place Beyond the Pines [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

The Place Beyond the Pines [2013]

An impossible movie, the dream of so many directors is a movie where he manages to bring to life his vision and The Place Beyond the Pines is one of those movies. Sometimes, everything just falls into place,...
Dead Man Down [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

Dead Man Down [2013]

Right from the start, this movie lets you know that it's going to be good with a very profound monologue, although I must admit that later on they tried to force this type of scenes a bit too much. Dead Man...
Last Passenger [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

Last Passenger [2013]

Almost all the movies that begin with a notice that the movie has been produced with awarding funds from the British national lottery are excellent, and this is the case with Last Passenger. British...
Celda 211 [2009] Movie Review Recommendation

Celda 211 [2009]

We are continuing with rare and overlooked movies, and after Retroactive it's time for Celda 211, one of the most intense movies that I have seen in a past few years. It literally blew me away with its story,...