The Lodge 2019 Movie Scene Riley Keough as Grace helping Lia McHugh as Mia Hall get her toy

The Lodge [2019]

If you're looking for a classic psychological thriller with some creepy horror elements and a great ending, The Lodge is a good choice.
The Decline 2020 Movie Scene Guillaume Laurin as Antoine and Marie-Evelyne Lessard as Rachel practicing shooting under Réal Bossé as Alain's supervision

The Decline [2020]

Immersive, realistic, and at times brutal, The Decline is a well-crafted minimalist thriller featuring a solid story and excellent acting.
Against the Ice 2022 Movie Scene Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Ejnar Mikkelsen and Joe Cole as Iver Iversen posing for a photo before they set off

Against the Ice [2022]

Based on true events, Against the Ice is a light period drama following a two-man expedition into the bitter coldness of Greenland.
Wind River 2017 Movie Scene Jeremy Renner as Cory looking at the bloody tracks in the snow

Wind River [2017]

Visually impressive, Wind River is a captivating slow-burning thriller following a murder investigation inspired by true events.
Arctic 2018 Movie Mads Mikkelsen as Overgård coming off his crashed plane

Arctic [2018]

After his plane crashes in the Arctic, a man must survive in very harsh conditions. Another great addition to the survival thriller genre.
Call of the Wolf Movie Review

Call of the Wolf [2017]

Indie slow-burn thriller set in the desolate cabin in the middle of a winter where a man realizes he's being hunted and must escape or fight.
Deadfall [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

Deadfall [2013]

What I thought is going to be another version of No Country for Old Man or Fargo, turned out to be a very good heist thriller, suspenseful and very...
The Corridor [2010] Movie Review Recommendation

The Corridor [2010]

When I first saw the poster for this movie and read something about the story I thought: wait, what, is this Dreamcatcher? It would seem that the...
Thin Ice [2011] Movie Review Recommendation

Thin Ice [2011]

What I thought is going to be a black humor comedy with a twist turned out to be something much more. First of all, as many movies before, almost the...
Wind Chill 2007 Movie Scene A single car on a snowy road during the night

Wind Chill [2007]

Choosing mystery over graphic violence, Wind Chill is a solid horror movie making the most of its snowing setting and Emily Blunt.
Fritt Vilt AKA Cold Prey [2006] Movie Review Recommendation

Fritt Vilt AKA Cold Prey [2006]

I think that we have a new genre emerging from Norwegian cinematography, a Norwegian Snow Slasher Horror. Much like the Dead Snow, this movie based...
Transsiberian [2008] Movie Review Recommendation

Transsiberian [2008]

Directed by Brad Anderson (Session 9, The Machinist, Vanishing on 7th Street) Transsiberian represents a shift in his career towards thrillers. In...
Ravenous [1999] Movie Review Recommendation

Ravenous [1999]

Ravenous is one of the few horror movies with a very original story, not watered-down by bad performances of the actors, the budget or the desire to...
Dreamcatcher [2003] Movie Review Recommendation

Dreamcatcher [2003]

Dreamcatcher was panned by both critics and regular movie goers, so what do we really have here? A movie that doesn't have much direction or coherent...