Ser Anthony Hopkins as Burt Munro in anotherworlds_fastest_indian_ver2 fantastic movie based on true events. Burt Munro is a lovable older man who is trying to break land-speed world record with his 1920 Indian motorcycle. Along his journey from New Zealand to Utah he will touch and inspire many people’s lives. This movie is like Forest Gump, but without the effort of making it big, instead he settles for a relatively small but loyal fan base. This heartwarming, beautiful picture will find his place in your heart instantly, with the magnificent performance of Anthony Hopkins that will long be remembered.

Director: Roger Donaldson

Cast: Anthony Hopkins, Craig Hall, Iain Rea

Fun Facts: Burt Munro’s children visited the set one day, when, according to director Roger Donaldson, “Tony (Anthony Hopkins) was having a particularly good Burt day”. His performance was so authentic that it moved them to tears


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