The Nightingale 2018 Movie Aisling Franciosi as Clare and Baykali Ganambarr as Billy

The Nightingale [2018]

Traumatic and intense, The Nightingale is a different breed of western and a revenge movie that also honestly explores colonialism and misogyny.
Razorback 1984 Movie Giant boar watches a man who fled to the top of the windmill scene

Razorback [1984]

Although this is a movie about a giant boar, it also explores a lot of other issues like hunting, meatpacking industry and poverty in the Australian outback
The Salvation [2014] Movie Eva Green burial scene

The Salvation [2014]

A very engaging and original take on a familiar western story with stunning vistas, visuals, and strong performances from Mads Mikkelsen and Eva Green.
Blue Ruin [2013] Movie Review Recommendation Poster

Blue Ruin [2013]

A phenomenal and down-to-earth indie slow-burner with stunning visuals and an intense atmosphere that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
Dead In Tombstone [2013] Movie Danny Trejo as Guerrero sitting in a bar drinking scene

Dead In Tombstone [2013]

A fun and entertaining grindhouse-like western with strong fantasy elements on a budget. But hey, at least it has Danny Trejo and Mickey Rourke.
Dead Man Down [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

Dead Man Down [2013]

Right from the start, this movie lets you know that it's going to be good with a very profound monologue, although I must admit that later on they...
Drive Angry 3D [2011] Movie Review Recommendation

Drive Angry 3D [2011]

Another Nicholas Cage movie... We are now used to seeing him in crappy movies, but I must say that I quite liked this one. It was a classical return...
Faster [2010] Movie Review Recommendation

Faster [2010]

What a great movie, and I still can't believe that I thought that this is going to be another lame-ass action flick, ready to milk the drugged and...
Hard Candy 2005 Movie Ellen Page in a skirt and small top posing for Patrick Wilson as he's taking photographs

Hard Candy [2005]

Very suspenseful and engaging psychological slow-burner revolving around online dating, pedophilia, and the modern world we live in, a must-see.
Dolan's Cadillac [2009] Movie Review Recommendation

Dolan’s Cadillac [2009]

Based on a short story of the same name by Stephen King, Dolan's Cadillac is an okay movie. With a budget of just $10 million, they really did...
Jeepers Creepers II [2003] Movie Review Recommendation

Jeepers Creepers II [2003]

It's hard to tell is this part better than the first one, but one thing is for sure, this part is more brutal than the first one. So, two years after...
Spawn [1997] Movie Review Recommendation

Spawn [1997]

When I first watched Spawn, I was relatively young and it made a hell of an impression on me. It was visually stunning, featuring that combination of...